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The Library of Michigan offers a variety of educational webinars based on the 5 Practices of Every Child Ready to Read™. Watch librarians, early literacy specialists, and storytellers as they share tips, ideas, and background information on how to best Read, Talk, Play, Sing, Write with young children.

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Best Storytime Practices Webinar Series with Jenifer Strauss

Dates and times vary

From "Grab-And-Go, Tell-And-Do" ideas to "Helping Children Build a Bigger Vocabulary," narrative consultant Jenifer Strauss takes public library staff on a deeper dive into the five practices of Every Child Ready to Read®;  Talk, Sing, Read, Write, Play. This webinar series is designed to support public library staff as they model early literacy skill development directly to families and caregivers with young children (ages birth to 5). Webinars are typically scheduled during the Winter/Spring months of the year and archived recordings are linked below.


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The Power of Pre-writing and Writing Activities - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 4.2021) Grab-And-Go, Tell-And-Do - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 2.2021) Helping Children Build a Bigger Vocabulary - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 3.2021) Literacy All Day, Every Day: How to Present Easy-to-Use Language and Literacy Tips to Parents and Caregivers - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 5.2021) DIY Puppets and Props to Support "Imagine Your Story" - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 5.2020) Singing Our Way to Literacy! - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 4.2020) Parade of Elephants: RTRM 2020 - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 2.2020) Stepping Gently Outside of Your Comfort Zone - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 1.2020) Touch the Brightest Star: Ready to Read Michigan 2019 - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 2.2019) Storytime is Your Time to Shine! - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 1.2019) Put the Book Down and Engage! - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 10.2017) Full Body Storytime: Moving and Grooving with Stories, Songs, Rhythms and Rhymes - with Jenifer Strauss (Recorded 12.2017) "Every Child Ready to Read Library Staff Workshop" - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 3.2016) "Early Literacy & Learning Spaces" - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 4.2016) "Storytime for Babies," - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 7.2016) "Early Literacy Tips for Storytime: 2's & 3's" - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 8.2016) "Early Literacy Tips for Storytime: 2s and 3s" - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 11.2016) "Early Literacy Tips for Storytime: Preschool" - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 11.2016) "Mixed Aged Storytime Tips" - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 1.2017) "Every Child Ready to Read Family Engagement & Kindergarten Readiness" - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 5.2017) "DAP Storytime Basics" - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 7.2017) "Working with ECE's and Volunteers for Early Literacy" - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 10.2017) "Every Child Ready to Read Initiative Wrap-up" - with Sue McCleaf Nespeca (Recorded 11.2017)

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